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Indigenous software solutions

Introducing:   Tansi

Member Tracking



We understand the needs and requirements of our people.


TANSI has been developed with only one purpose in mind, and that is custom software solutions for the indigenous people.

Member Tracking

Easily track and maintain your members lists.



  • Quick and simple filters and sort help you query results for

    • Name

    • Gender

    • Birthday

    • Age

    • Category

    • Marital Status

    • Residence

  • Search

  • Categorize

  • Detailed contact information


Automatic Statistics

      Customized to YOUR needs


  • Member count

  • Age Group Summary

  • Location Summary

  • Location by Age Summary

  • Charts & Graphs


Customized your Dashboard with Drag & Drop technology


Quick access Charts & Graphs

      Customizable to YOUR needs


  • Age Groups

  • Gender

  • Gender by Age

  • Trending Data

  • Statistics


Create Custom charts with drag & drop


Tickets / Training Tracker

Our ticket tracking software is bar none, top of the line.


Upon creation of a user profile, you can start adding:

  1. Safety Tickets

  2. Orientations

  3. Diplomas

  4. Drivers License

  5. Certifications

  6. Many More...


Our system will notify you when your tickets are ready to expire, and assist with ticket updates.

Job Board

Communicating employment opportunities to community members can sometimes be a daunting task.


Job opportunities can come from emails, news papers and direct conversation with organizations working within your territory.


Now after you have received a job posting, there may be hours upon hours of matching up members with the current opportunity.


Well not anymore.

Our system can automatically match members to job posts.

Resume Builder

A good resume can open doors to opportunities for you in the job market.


Resume Builder is built into our job board, and will automatically format and create a professional resume with minimal time and effort.

Your resume can be viewed by possible employers right within our system.


Our system will allow you to generate reports and track statistics on which employers are posting jobs, and how many members are being employed.


With our job matching technology, you can also track how many jobs are being posted with qualifications that your members may not have.


Don't miss out on any more opportunities.  indigetech Job Board is the future of Indigenous Employment.



When Jobs are posted in the newspapers, and online.  They are for EVERYONE to see and reply.


With Job Board, the posted jobs are top priority for Indigenous Employment


Job Board is ONLY available to our Indigenous members.

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